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May 2022


Toy Design and Construction
Packaging Design


Pine Wood

Create • Play • Learn

Marble Run is a set of magnetic wooden tracks that lets you build your very own roller coaster. It is hand-made with solid pine wood and embedded magnets that stick to magnetic surfaces.

The tracks function vertically providing speed to the marbles without any extra mechanisms. The tracks were craved and shaped by hand in a variety of shapes and slopes. Along with the seven tracks the box also contains five obstruction pieces that the marble bounces from. The primary colour of the packaging is black. The black on white graphics are meant to stand out on the shelf in the crowd of bright colourful packaging.

Target Audience: 5+ yrs, designers and creatives.

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Inside the box

Boxes inside the Box

In addition to the main packaging, each of the individual pieces come in their own smaller boxes. Primarily, the boxes avoid the pieces nudging onto each other but also create an additional element of surprise while unboxing and discovering a new shape.

The boxes have their shapes on the lid for recognition and ease in organizing the pieces back in the box. The marbles come in their own box too.

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