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Aug 2022


Identity Design
Packaging Design

Serving the hungry night owls, one bowl at a time.

Munchies Co. is a late night food joint that needed a full branding package. In a sea of fast food restaurants, Munchies Co. focuses its quality of food while maintaining the speed of delivery and positions itself as a Gourmet Fast Food restaurant. It targets the night owls who want a fulfilling meal in the middle of the night when no homey and healthy options are open for business. It aims to be the one spot for satisfying the heart and belly.

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food 4.jpg
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Visual Language

Munchies Co. stands out with its warm and bright colours and maintains the gourmet image with the simplistic graphics. The colours, typography and graphics follow the brand's bold and sassy personality.


The wild curvy shapes refer to a night owl's brain when it craves a hearty meal. The swiggly curves borrow their forms from the primary typeface- Thunder. And Grotters the handwritten font creates a contrast with the bold lines. 

food 9.png
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