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Expectations, Goals and Hopes...

This is my final semester as an undergrad student and somehow, I want to achieve 500 things yet have no idea what to do and where do I begin. My first goal is to make the best out of this time. I enjoy the playing with materials creating textures so I will keep my focus on that and have fun.

I can describe my design process as ‘going with the flow’, it works in the initial phases and leaves me with all the technical problems in the end. So, I would like to improve on my technical and making skills and work in a planned and sorted manner.

Till date, I consider my most precious creation to be my diploma’s final year project (Psyche). I have grown a lot as a designer in the past 2 years so I hope I can create my new favorite piece this semester. I have recently realised my tendency of overworking on the designs, so this time I will constantly remind myself to stop and look at the bigger picture.

I begin the project with optimism and some realistic expectations. Look out for the initial conceptualizations in the next post.

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