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How to Shibori

I realized I never actually explained the process of creating the texture that is my new-found love. So here is a basic little tutorial of creating the 3D shibori texture.

Firstly gather the materials. You'll need the a fabric of choice ( a lightweight fabric works best), something to encase inside the fabric that would create the texture like coins, bottle caps or wood blocks (here I am using some beads) and lastly something to bind in the object with like wire, thread or rubber-bands.

Next step is to tie the beads into the fabric tightly but not so much that it would tear the fabric. Place the bead on the underside of the fabric(the opposite of where you want the texture to be) and tie it with the wire or thread. Then just repeat the process. The beads can be arranged in a pattern or just placed randomly. Different sizes of objects can also be experimented with.

Then just place the piece into water and boil it for about 15 mins. *Some fabrics might lose their colour when boiled. Take it out of water after boiled and let it air dry with the beads still inside. It might loose the shape if the beads are removed immediately.

Thats it! Enjoy playing with the texture :)

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