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One by One

One by One can be interpreted as taking one moment at a time or just the process of making the pieces, encasing in one object at a time. I started the making without any perfect idea form that I was going for. The texture that was created dictated the shape of the pieces. I used the turquoise and plum colours since I was able to secure similar colour of fabric for in the layers I was aiming to create. I think I want to work more consciously in the colour of fabric moving forward.

The pieces are made of 2 layers that are peachskin+tulle (turquoise) and satin+tulle (plum). Each of the piece opens up flat and can be closed around the wrist using buttons. The process of closing the buttons incorporates mindfulness. The buttons require some attention and effort to open and close thus providing the user some time to have a moment to themselves and reflect on their surroundings.

Below is an illustration of the pieces.

Bracelet 1

Tulle, peachskin, plastic beads, cotton piping

Dia 4 inch, H 2.5 inch


Bracelet 2

Tulle, satin, plastic beads, cotton piping

Dia 3 inch, H 7 inch


Below is a little video of how the buttons work.

And here is how they look open and closed...

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