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Project Proposal

This term I plan to step out of my comfort zone in regard to the design approach and work a little differently from my usual pattern. I always toil on the theme first and then move onto materials; this time I am approaching them concurrently. Below is the mood board that defines the character of the jewellery pieces at this point in the project.

The Concept

It is a busy world. We fold the laundry keeping an eye on the television, simultaneously thinking about the next chores. In the rush to accomplish everything, we lose connection with the present moment. Thus mindfulness.

The act of crafting is an engaging and ‘not so boring’ way to practice mindfulness. Creating can be a way to identify the importance of the present and release emotions. Slow repetitive actions as simple as winding thread on fabric can have calming effects. Sewing and embroidery are affairs that need undivided attention, thus creating a bubble away from all worldly problems.

Materials and techniques

Fabric is a versatile material; with my minimum experience and limitations in sewing I was able to narrow down my exploration options. I am working with the traditional Japanese incarnation of tie die- Shibori. Shibori fabrics are traditionally dyed with indigo, but the term shibori simply refers to the physical processes applied to the fabric before dying, not the colour. In modern fashion, 3D shibori has gained popularity too.


With the aim to create expressive contemporary jewellery I will work towards representing mindfulness through shibori. I am hoping to create something that involves action from the user, such that they get a moment to themselves. It might allow them to have something unique and customised.

Below is the projected timeline of the entire project. I am currently exploring the shibori technique and will soon move onto creating forms for jewellery.


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