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Layered Eyewear


The aim of the project was to look at layers from a different perspective and build up on the concept to create an aesthetically pleasing jewellery piece. Jewellery is a form of self-expression and people wear jewellery to show to the world what they are. It can be said that jewellery is a reflection of a person’s personality; giving heed to that, the eyewear showcases its users’ personality.

Created: Apr 2019

Duration: 4 months

Project Type: Eyewear Design

Materials: Frame- Brass
                  Layers- Wool yarn weaving

Layers of Personality

Humans are complicated living beings, no two people in this world are the same, each one has a different personality. And even that personality has layers. We behave differently with different people depending on our comfort level with that person. The layers of personality describe a person’s experiences and engagement with themselves and the world. 

Fritz Perls developed a therapy on the grounds that people are best viewed through their own eyes. The onion theory of personality by Fritz Perls says that humans have 5 layers to their personality, all of which are very important in our daily functioning. All these layers are born out of necessity, even for survival, so they need to be acknowledged for their original usefulness and toned down when they become outdated. Each layer is very much dependent on the layer above it as it is to the one below it. They co-exist concentrically.


Personality is something that cannot be seen, people spend their whole life trying to express their true self. A way to do this is through accessories. Though it seems like a small element to their appearance, a simple pair of glasses have the ability to completely change the way a person is perceived. 


An eyewear was created to depict the concept because metaphorically; the view of the world is obstructed by the layers we have as a person and something obstructing the eyes would be relevant to showcase that. Weaving has been used to express the layers of personality. Weaving was chosen because the method builds up the surface layer upon layer. And it somehow is very closely related to how personalities are formed; the previous layer is very important to build the layer above it.


The 5 layers


It is the outermost layer of the personality. It is a manner of interacting without revealing much information. It is generally based on stereotypes and is a transitional and protective phase. It prevents us from having a deeper connection with the others. 

Cliché is expressed using the most common weaving method, the plain weave, and it has a very superficial, phoney appearance much like the personality layer. It also incorporates artificial-like looking yarn (shimmer) to add to the symbolism.


It can also be known as the self-constructed world; this layer is deeper than the cliché layer because it governs our actions and relationships to the environment. It is based on fixed ideas people have about themselves. People are stuck here because to live in a society they’re required to behave in a certain way.

Since it is such a rigid layer, it is represented by strong and bold lined patterns. The colours for this layer are black and white to make it bold and sleek.


This is a pit-stop layer that keeps us from the dangers in life. At this layer people encounter doubts and are required to see the different picture. They find themselves in this layer when they face a difficult situation and it scares them to make important decisions. Everything seems to be jumbled up and restricts us from seeing past it. 

The confusion is represented by a mixture of colours. A mix of many colours deviate attention and it is hard to focus creating an illusion.


This is an important internal layer. It gets us ready to take actions and handle extreme emotions, it is the calmness that comes alter the chaotic phobic layer. It allows us to filter out unnecessary things and focus on some real issues that matter. It is the layer of growth and self-discovery.

The blankness and is represented by white color. The weaving method has some gaps to depict the filter. The weave pattern also has movement, like the purpose of layer- moving thoughts.


It is the innermost layer of the human conscience. All the emotions lie here, it governs how we act and feel. It is basically the voice in our heads, and no one else gets to hear what it says. Our morals and ethics lie in this layer. This layer is also a reflection of who we truly are, without any superficial layers. This layer forms the foundation and the four layers are supported by it.

It is made in a spiral form, with gradient colour going deeper as it goes in to represent the depth and importance of the layer.




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