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Aug 2022


Brand Identity 

Print Design


Shaping Canadian cities to live, work, explore and enjoy

Worked with a global real estate investment and development company headquartered in Vancouver with the portfolio comprising of over 10,000 residential, industrial, offices and retail properties.

Their vision for mixed-use developments demanded a strong, concise, thematic framework to consistently create memorable experiences for all their customers— tenants, residents, visitors and partners. With the team at Ferraz Creative, a system was crafted that can expand and evolve, while amplifying a confident, yet approachable voice that serves as an expression of company's commitment to transform cities.

The Maestro Spaces

The new identity was developed to allow for flexibility across spatial and digital communications, while being inclusive to all arms of the mixed-use developments spanning offices, condominiums, retail, and industrial spaces. The maestro spaces are given individual names and unique logos to exist separately from the parent brand. The spaces are Workd for offices, Shopd for commercial, Nestd for apartments, and Pland for industrial spaces.


Brand logo-marks are set in the clean and modern typeface- Manrope. The sans serif font was selected for longevity, and the cohesion it brings to a brand designed for the future. The blocks cut out of the letters denote the different kinds of buildings managed by the real estate group.

Visual Language

The visual identity system pays an ode to the spaces real estate group occupies, as well as their reinvention. The graphic language of Maestro and its sub-brands make use of bright electric colours, embodying the company's promise of a modern future.


The building blocks from the logos are the foundation of the identity; they bring the brands to life at every touchpoint while maintaining consistency with the main brand.

Workd building
Pland Booklet
Nestd Wall Sign
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