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Dec 2022


Brand Positioning

Identity Design

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Paving the way to a clean and green Nova Scotia

Wju’snewiknaq-Wind Strength Initiative is a wind energy partnership led by Membertou. As ancestral keepers of this land and defenders of the environment, Membertou is a vital partner in Wind Strength’s wind development projects. The two organizations recognized that jointly advancing wind energy projects encourages Mi’kmaw participation in Nova Scotia’s clean energy transition from coal to renewables by 2030. The Initiative aims to become a catalyst to influence behaviour and lead the market to help solve Nova Scotia's emissions challenges.

As a part of the Eastern Clean Energy Initiative team at my role as an in-house designer was to develop and direct the creative outlook of the Wind Strength brand and produce materials for Clean Energy Initiative, ensuring brand standards are established and maintained.

Together towards a sustainable and decarbonized society
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Challenge and Solution

The Initiative's goal is to take an active role in the fight against climate change and instigate the energy transition based on the organizations' holistic knowledge to lead viable innovations.

The challenge was to create a brand that combines the culture and ambitions of two diverse companies. I worked with multiple stakeholders to understand and articulate their vision for a shared future. A strategic positioning narrative for the new entity was developed that formed blueprint for the brand.

Like any brand representing a collective, Wind Strength assumes a shared and diverse identity that in this case, represents a global future as well as teamwork with other companies and communities.

Visual Language

The sustainable future is represented in a clean, fresh and adaptable brand. The colour gradient explains the dynamic transition in which the sector finds itself: from the traditional blue flame of gas to the intense green of sustainability.


To bring the brand to life, a foundation for voice and tone was laid out. A robust messaging framework was created to use in everything from marketing campaigns to customer support messages. It was supported by the equally strong visual language, that would continue to inspire connection for communities and their environment.

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Road map
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Brand Book
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